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Leonard Rowe Speaks Out Again

Leonard Rowe, who describes himself as Michael’s former financial adviser, and who is also a close friend of Joseph Jackson, believes that Michael was murdered because Michael refused to sell his publishing rights which are reputedly worth $1 billion.

He said; “Michael’s catalogue was very valuable…and people wanted that catalogue. It is one thing that Michael told me, personally, that he would never sell it. Michael said he wanted to keep it for his children, no matter what type of financial situation he came across, he would always hold onto his catalogue.

I believe the powers that be knew that Michael and The Michael Jackson name was worth billions and billions of dollars and he was worth more to them dead than alive.

What I hope is that everyone who is responsible for Michael Jackson’s death is brought to justice and fully prosecuted in a court of law.”

Rowe also believes that AEG exploited Michael.

Leonard added;  “AEG had a contract with Michael that was nothing less than a cocked financial gun pointed to his head.  It is my belief that he was being totally exploited.”

Source: postchronicle.com & MJWN

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