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Oxman Targets AEG

TMZ has reported that Brian Oxman will file complaints against AEG with two government agencies, on behalf of Joe Jackson. He will allege that AEG abused Michael in a way that led to his death.
These complaints will be filed before June 25th.

The first complaint will be to the Unites States Attorney General, alleging AEG violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Oxman’s theory is that AEG knew Michael was a drug addict and was effectively disabled, yet he was pressured to keep a grueling and dangerous work schedule to prepare for the London concerts.

Oxman also plans to file a complaint with the Medical Board of California, alleging AEG was dictating Michael’s medical treatment to the point it became the unauthorised practice of medicine.
Sources say that Oxman will soon file a wrongful death complaint against Conrad Murray, but will not name AEG when he files.

Source: TMZ & MJWN

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