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Jud Mahoney’s Story

Jud Mahoney from London was surprised to have a phone call from Michael in 2004 complimenting him on his song ‘Man Enough,’ and expressing a need to sign him to MJJ Records.

A very excited Jud traveled to Michael’s Neverland ranch to meet him, but he said Michael was very stressed about his trial at the time. Having said that, he was surprised at how normal Michael appeared to be at his home. Jud says:; “There was nothing crazy going on. He seemed like a genuinely lovely guy who was just focused on making records. There were a lot of dramas going on his life and he looked kind of frail.”

Jud played on an Xbox with Michael and they ate pizza. Although the song he wrote with Michael never saw the light of day, he hails the collaboration as the most special of his career. He was blown away by the energy and passion that Michael brought to their studio sessions.

Jud added; “I was a producer and I was doing well then, so I knocked up this track called ‘Come Back’ with him. We both came up with melodies. He’s very hands-on musically. People get the impression that he just goes in and sings these songs but he’s actually the main part of all these records. He was amazing. His natural energy and passion is far beyond anybody else I’ve worked with. Most people will sing a melody idea low because you’re in a room with just two people trying to come up with a song. When Michael did it, he turned from a softly spoken guy to literally singing at the top of his voice.  It was like a dream.”

Inspired by the time he spent with Michael, Jud is finally emerging from the mixing desk to launch his own solo career. An album is expected next year.

Source: The Sun & MJWN

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