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‘Get up and Dance’

Kriyss Grant was personally chosen by Michael to dance in his ‘This Is It’ concerts in London.  He copied Michael from the age of two, and dancing is in his soul. He is now working with Comcast on part of a tribute to Michael. Comcast will feature ten, five -seven minute videos of Kriyss breaking down Michael’s iconic moves, including the Moonwalk and his legendary spin, into simple and easy to follow lessons.

You can check out Kriyss in action by clicking here.

Lessons also include ‘Dancing Machine’ featuring Michael’s renowned robotic choreography and other moves Michael made famous.
The service will be available free to Comcast’s more than eighteen million Digital Cable homes across America under Music  > Get Up and Dance  > Michael Jackson.

Comcast’s tribute to Michael and his undeniable talent will also include specials, performances and even karaoke featuring Michael’s most popular songs. Footage from BET, E!, TV Guide, Music Choice and more will also be available on demand as part of the celebration of Michael’s life and his influence on the world.

Source: hiphoppress.com & MJWN

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