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Gary Museum Plans Move Ahead

Meeting in Gary, Indiana, Michael’s home town, Joe Jackson, Mayor Rudy Clay and Gary officials are still in discussion about the funding and development of the Jackson Family Museum. There are also discussing plans for a hotel, the Michael Jackson Performing Arts and Cultural Center and theaters.

The plan for the funding is that it would come from the Jackson Family Foundation, investors and donations, but no figures were given on how much the Foundation would contribute and how much had been invested.

On a previous visit, the City of Gary had paid $5,000 for Joe Jackson and seven other people to attend, but no mention was made of such expenses for this visit.

Over the years, the city’s unemployment and poverty rates have soared, crime has increased, and the population has dwindled.

Mayor Clay said the museum and performing arts center would create thousands of jobs and when finished, was expected to bring at least 750,000 visitors a year to the city. He also estimated it would generate $100 million to $150 million in income for the community each year.

“This project will be the magnet that will draw people from all over the world,” Clay said.

Everyone involved with the project is hopeful because yesterday’s announcement was the furthest along the project has ever come, with the city donating three-hundred acres of land.

If you would like to see some photos of the meeting and a model of the complex, please click here.

Reports also say that the project has not yet been cleared by Michael’s estate.

Source: Google & MJWN

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