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Activities Planned In Gary

When Joe Jackson and Mayor Rudy Clay held a news conference in Gary on Wednesday to announce the plans of the Jackson Family Foundation, they also spoke of the proceedings taking place in Gary for the anniversary of Michael’s death, and later.

There will be a Michael Jackson Fanvention in August, where one thousand fans from around the world are expected to attend. The fanvention will be from August 26th to 29th at the Radisson Hotel at Star Plaza in Merrillville. It will include performances, discussions and vendors.

Meanwhile, on June 25th, the anniversary of Michael’s death, Major Clay said; “There’ll be a candlelight vigil and choirs. We’re going to put on a memorial celebration for Michael that the whole world would be proud of.” He also added that the monument that was placed in front of the Jackson home at 2300 Jackson Street on Tuesday, will officially be unveiled that day. “We’re hoping and praying that Katherine will do the unveiling of the statue,” Clay said.

Source: NWI.com & MJWN

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