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Rebbie Speaks Of Michael

Rebbie Jackson, who is about to perform publicly for the first time in many years, has spoken to the New York Times about her involvement with the upbringing of her siblings.

When she was in her teens, her mother Katherine went back to school and Rebbie, her oldest child, cared for her brothers and sisters in Katherine’s absence. “I’m very much the big sister. I helped raise a lot of them. I took care of them and administered the disciplinary action,” she said.

Of Michael, Rebbie said; ““When he passed, I thought about him the way he was as a kid.”

She remembered his cherubic smile that first brightened stages as a member of the Jackson 5 and later as a solo artist. She spent two and half months in California at Michael’s and Katherine’s estates, comforting her family and resumed her role as caregiver to Michael’s children.

“I have to say, for a while, it was very difficult to listen to anything that Michael’s voice was on. That’s pretty tough to escape. Everywhere you go, food markets, departments stores, TV and radio, they are playing his music,” she said.

Source: New York Post & MJWN

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