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Michael’s Ambulance Reports

The News Of The World (UK Tabloid) has published the written reports of the paramedics who arrived at Michael’s home at 12.22 p.m. on June 25th.

They found that Michael had no vital life signs at all, and after two rounds of drugs to try to revive him, they declared that he was dead. Conrad Murray did not accept their decision and insisted on a further round of drugs. This attempt also failed and they then took Michael to UCLA Medical Center, leaving his home at 13.07 p.m. arriving at the Center at 13.13 p.m.

The report shows that the paramedics asked Murray about the drugs he had administered to Michael, and he said that he had given Lorazepam and fluids to hydrate him, making no mention of Propofol. Murray later told the police of a list of drugs he had used to try to help Michael overcome his acute insomnia, including 2.5mgs of Propofol, probably administered through an intravenous drip in Michael’s left leg. The paramedics had measured the oxygen in Michael’s blood. Normal readings range from 93% to 100%. Michael’s reading was zero. He had no blood pressure or pulse, was not breathing and his pupils were dilated. The team also tried twice to start his heart with Epinephrine and Atropine through the IV in his leg, but that too failed. They tried to pump air into his lungs to help him breath, to no effect. Their final effort was to pump 50mgs of Sodium Bicarbonate into Michael’s jugular vein to help restart his heart. This too failed.

A medical expert who has studied the reports has indicated that in his opinion, Michael was indeed dead before the paramedics arrived and all their attempts at resuscitation failed.

The coroner’s autopsy report cited the cause of death as “Acute Propofol Intoxication,” with enough of that drug in his body as would be used for major surgery. Various amounts of Propofol were found in Michael’s home, some empty containers and some were unused.

The next Court appearance for Murray will be April 5th.

Source: News Of The World & MJWN

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