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Hospital Germs ‘Beat It’

The staff at the University Hospital in South Manchester, are using ‘Beat It’ as inspiration in a campaign to beat hospital bugs. The Chief Executive, Julian Hartley is on vocals, together with about seventy doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians, clerical staff, cleaners and even patients have adapted the song to make a music video encouraging everybody to wash their hands and follow strict hygiene regulations.

The video is part of the hospital’s infection prevention drive, which has seen cases of MRSA drop by more than 60%, and C Difficile by over 50% in the last twelve months. With the opening line “Don’t wanna see any bugs around here; don’t wanna see no germs, they better disappear,” it has proven a hit with staff, students and patients and can be viewed on YouTube.

Chief executive, Mr Hartley, who even attempts the moonwalk in the three-minute video, said; “This is about getting across a serious message, in a consistent, engaging way and we’ve all been pleased with the response. I took a bit of convincing to sing and dance on camera but I wanted to show my support for the fantastic work the rest of the staff are doing. I think it’s important that we have strong leadership on such an important issue and put a smile on people’s face at the same time.

Every hospital is doing an awful lot on this because it’s a national priority but our way seems to have captured people’s imaginations. It was low cost and has been generating interest from other hospitals in the region.”

Source: South Manchester Reporter & MJWN

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