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American Michael fan, Tessa Martin, has contacted us with some of her ideas to commemorate Michael’s life and legacy, and perpetuate his charitable donations. Tessa’s suggestions are:

We could honor Michael all over the world by donating to charities that help children and the environment on August 29th, his birthday.

We could initiate an International Michael Jackson Day on August 29th as a day to focus on children and the environment in his name. That would please him.

Pick one of Michael’s favorite charities and donate something to that charity every August 29th to honor him.

Use http://www.charitynavigator.org to help select a good, effective charity to support in his honor.

He inspired us all to do our best, to excel, to reach for the magic.

Surely we can honor this gentle, strong, amazing person in a way he would appreciate.

Source: MJWN

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