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Excited About ‘This Is It’

Kenny Ortega has revealed that Michael’s children saw the ‘This Is It’ rehearsal for ‘Smooth Criminal’ on the on set. Due to their school routine they were not allowed to attend more rehearsals, but as soon as the school term ended, they would have seen more.

“They did visit us on the set,” Ortega said. “They came when we were shooting the ‘Smooth Criminal’ sequence. So they were able to see dad working as a filmmaker and in front of the camera as well.”

When asked if he thought they may themselves become performers, Ortega added; “Oh, I have no idea. They’re young and they’re bright and they’re getting a great education. They’re lovely smart kids. I had a chance to get to know them a little. But Michael kept them apart from the work because they were in school.”

Source: Yahoo & MJWN with thanks again to Paul

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