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Conrad Murray Charged

In Los Angeles Airport Court today Mr and Mrs Jackson  with several members of the family, watched as Conrad Murray was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of Michael.

The single felony count of involuntary manslaughter alleges that Murray “did unlawfully and without malice kill Michael Joseph Jackson.”

To prove an involuntary manslaughter charge, prosecutors must either show that Michael died while Murray was carrying out an unlawful act, or that his standard of care was so bad that it was grossly negligent.

The charge alleges he acted “without due caution and circumspection”.

The District Attorney asked the judge to set bail at $300,000, as Murray had failed to attend various other court proceedings related to his financial position. The judge considered the request and agreed to set bail at $75,000, which is three times the normal amount for this crime. The judge was also asked to remove Murray’s license to practice medicine, as it takes a great deal longer for the medical authorities to remove a licence than for a judge to instruct as doctor not to practice, but instead he instructed Murray that he must not administer any anaesthetics, especially Propofol.

After the hearing was closed, the full autopsy report was publicised showing that Michael had no illegal drugs in his system, that he was a normally healthy man for his age and that he did in fact suffer from Vitiligo, a fact which was disputed in the media many times. The cause of death was confirmed as Acute Propofol Intoxication, as large amount of the substance were found to be present in his body, even though Murray stated that he had only given him 25mls.

A new hearing was set for April 5th.

Source: AP & MJWN

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