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As soon as the ‘Tribute : Michael Jackson, King of Pop’ comic book was announced, the sales multiplied until it was sold out before release. As a result, a second printing was ordered by Bluewater Productions, with thirty pages and a different cover by Guiseppe Mazzola.

“We knew it would be a popular title, but even we were surprised how fast the book sold,” said Bluewater president Darren Davis. “We leaked pages to different sites, shared them with fans and they decided this is a book worth owning.”

“This is a celebration of his (Michael’s) life and what he meant to a legion of fans,” Davis added. “Although the book won’t shy away from some of his personal troubles, we try to tell a balanced story that shows Jackson as a musical genius, an unparalleled superstar and as a complex person.”

The newest addition to the publisher’s critically acclaimed biography library will trace Jackson’s rise as a musical prodigy with the Jackson 5 through his tragic passing in June. The book will feature highlights from his storied career and cover his enigmatic private life.

The second edition has now sold out, and a third and fourth edition have been ordered.

Source: Bluewater Productions & MJWN

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