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Opus Cover Artwork

The stylised dancing silhouette of Michael gracing the cover of the Official Opus was designed and drawn by Nate Giorgio, of Vestal, New York. About a dozen of Giorgio’s drawings and paintings of Michael are included in the book, as well as various illustrations.

Giorgio earned Michael’s confidence as an artist and friend. Through the years, he commissioned Giorgio to do artwork, including paintings, posters and illustrations for the book ‘Dancing the Dream’. Some of Giorgio’s artwork was displayed at Neverland. Besides a dozen full-page drawings of Michael, Giorgio also contributed some personal letters to the book. In particular, Giorgio recalled a handwritten thank you note after he had called Michael to express concern when he was sick. “He just said he appreciated my call; he was that kind of guy,” said Giorgio, who last saw Michael about a month before he died . “I wish the public could have seen that side of him.”

Source: AP & MJWN

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