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Who’s Bad?

Who’s Bad is a seven piece tribute band from North Carolina who have been in constant demand since Michael’s death on June 25th. Only one of the band has ever seen Michael perform live and he was just a child at the time. Tamsi Tadepalli is the founder, manager, arranger and saxophonist since 2003, and thinks it is bizarre how fast the requests for them to perform came in after Michael’s death. Thousands of fans are hungry for ‘Thriller’.

Their  best moment was when Frank Dileo watched them in Nashville, Tennessee, and later congratulated them saying that Michael would be proud of their show. He also told them stories about Bubbles, Wesley Snipes and Marlon Brando.

Who’s Bad has gone through a half-dozen singers looking for the right Michael and finally the band realised no one guy can do Michael and decided on two frontmen, Taalib York and Joseph Bell.

“With two Michaels there’s no lag between songs,” Tadepalli said. “We can do all the costume changes and keep the energy up with a fast-paced show. YouTube is awesome for doing research. After watching countless clips we do countless hours in the dance studio trying to choreograph it all. You can imagine how long it took him to get those moves down. Now imagine how long it takes us.”

Source: Boston Herald & MJWN

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