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Murray Bought Propofol

Search warrants released by the court yesterday, November 20th, show that Doctor Murray purchased 5 x 100 milliltres of Propofol from Applied Pharmacy Services, Las Vegas, on May 12th and had it shipped to Los Angeles. One of the same coded bottles of Propofol was then later found on Michael’s bedside table by police on the day of his death. It is a well known medical fact that Propofol should only be used in a properly equipped surgical environment, such as a hospital operating theatre.

Murray, 56, is the focus of a Los Angeles police homicide investigation but has not, as yet, been charged with a crime.

Los Angeles Police had fought for the document to remain sealed, as its disclosure would jeopardise the police investigation, but the judge ruled that there was no reason for it to remain secret.

Doctor Murray is scheduled to return to his medical practice at his Houston Clinic on Monday, November 23rd.

Source: KNX News Radio & MJWN

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