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Murray Waited Over An Hour

Media sources are questioning the actions of Doctor Conrad Murray as he found that Michael had stopped breathing. They are looking at the evidence he provided to police soon after they were called, taken from the Search Warrant for the Las Vegas Pharmacy. This search warrant provides new insight into what went on at Michael’s rented home that day. By Murray’s own account to police, he did not call for help until 12.22 p.m., more than an hour after he realised Michael wasn’t breathing.

Phone records showed Murray on his mobile phone for forty-seven minutes with three different callers from 11.18 a.m. to 12.05 p.m., a period during which Murray said he was conducting CPR.

“Murray did not mention this to the interviewing detectives,” the document stated. Police have not disclosed to whom they believe Murray spoke in those calls. In executing the pharmacy warrant, police traced the origin of the propofol to a purchase by Murray at Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas on May 12th.

Murray has not been charged with a crime, but the details in the unsealed documents show authorities were suspicious of his behaviour even as they took Michael to UCLA Medical Center to try to revive him. He was asked to sign the death certificate but vanished from the hospital premises. “Upon arrival at UCLA Medical Center, neither the coroner’s investigators nor detectives could locate Murray to re-interview him,” according to the documents, and repeated attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.

Source: Yahoo & MJWN

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