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Mosaic Breaks Record

Albanian Saimir Strati, well known to the Guinness Book Of World Records, has won another title, as the artist who has created the world’s largest paintbrush mosaic.

The mosaic of 230,000 brown and black paintbrushes shows Michael singing with his head slightly thrown backwards and his arms outstretched.

“I have measured the mosaic and this is a new Guinness World Record,” Guinness adjudicator Andrea Banfi said. “Saimir is an old member of the Guinness World Record family and we are glad to have him back.”

Strati worked for sixteen hours each day for a month listening to Michael’s music at high volume. He also showed his work around Albanian towns before taking it to the centre of Tirana for the Guinness World Record.

“All the time I was being guided by his music and made a silent deal with him to help me find the secrets of his great singing,” Strati said.

Michael’s mosaic was the fourth work to earn him a Guinness World Record’s entry.

Source: Reuters & MJWN

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