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“This Is It’ Musicians

Musicians from ‘This Is It’, have appeared on George Lopez’ show, paying tribute to Michael and sharing their memories.

Michael Bearden was the musical director on ‘This Is It’  and he spoke of his close work with Michael.

George Lopez asked; “So you were with him every day and you may have been one of the last people to see him that night?”

Bearden: “Well, I was the last person out of our company, out of our cast to see him because we parked in the same area and his car was blocking my car. I couldn’t leave and I had to wait for him. We had just finished a great night. It was really late like 12:30. When he came, I was teasing him and he was laughing and we embraced as we always did and Michael Jackson said, ‘I love you. God bless you,’ as we always did … I felt great tonight.’ I responded, ‘Yeah, you looked great and you sounded great. What time are you coming in tomorrow, MJ?’…’I’ll be in at 2 o’clock. The band sounds great, Bearden!’ ‘ Thank you, MJ, you just really did it tonight,’ and he said ‘Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow, man’.” Bearden adds; “We hugged and then I never got a chance to see him.”

Source: Antimusic & MJWN

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