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Joe Jackson Wants An Allowance

Michael’s will specified the people who would inherit his estate upon his death, namely his mother who will receive 40% and his three children who too have 40%. Unnamed charities would also be recipients of a portion of his estate which would make up 20%.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff awarded Katherine Jackson an allowance for her own expenses, and an addition larger allowance for the expenses of Prince, Paris and Blanket. The total sum allowed is over $86,000 per month. The trustees/executors of the estate, John Branca and John McClain, also oversee all the expenses incurred at Hayvenhurst where the children live with Mrs Jackson.
Brian Oxman, the attorney acting for Joseph Jackson, filed papers on Friday at the L.A. County Superior Court asking a judge to grant Mr Jackson a monthly allowance, claiming that there was ‘no justification’ for him to be excluded from getting money from Michael’s estate.

In the Court documents, Leonard Rowe, who once claimed to be Michael’s manager, said that Michael used to give his mother a monthly allowance of up to $60,000 each month and that he instructed her to give half of it to his father.

Joe Jackson claims Michael’s estate has “earned more than $100 million dollars in the first seven weeks” following Michael’s death” and is “well able to afford a family allowance for Joe Jackson.”

Joe says he has $15,425 in total monthly expenses which includes the following:

— $2,500 eating out
— $2,000 for air travel
— $3,000 for hotel bills
— $1,000 for groceries
— $1,200 for rent
— $50 in charitable contributions

He also receives over $1,700 each month in Social Security payments.

No mention was made of any contributions to Joe Jackson’s expenses by any other member of the Jackson family.

Howard Weitzman, one of the attorneys for the Special Administrators of Michael’s estate was surprised by the request, but said that it would be considered along with “all requests for money from Michael’s Estate.”

Source: TMZ & MJWN

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