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Judith Hill

Judith Hill, a relatively unknown songstress, was chosen by Michael as the girl he wanted for ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ on stage at his concerts. An accomplished vocalist, who is both gifted and exotically beautiful, she appears in ‘This Is It’ as a fitting duettist for Michael, though she seems somewhat in awe of him.

In a recent article in the Examiner about her they say; “As a fully shared duet with her standing beside him, mirroring his gestures, blending voices with him for millions of fans, it would have been magical, transcendent. Instead, it will be seen, perhaps also by millions, being rehearsed with Michael, perhaps made more precious by her hesitancy in rehearsal and her earnest attempts to try to read what he was communicating to her in his quirky way. Her awe of him is almost palpable, though she is a truly gifted singer in her own right. She spoke of her admiration of Jackson and how amazing it was to be performing with him, a man whose songs she had sung as a child. Instead of taking that stage with him, she ended up in a bitter sweet lead delivering ’Heal the World’ at the Memorial for Jackson before millions of mourning viewers around the world.

Source: Examiner & MJWN

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