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Jerkins Remembers Michael’s Music

Rodney Jerkins produced Michael’s album ‘Invincible’ considers himself to be a fan and a friend of Michael. In a recent interview, Jerkins spoke of Michael’s music and talent.

“We miss Michael as the superstar icon that we know him to be. I miss Michael as a friend. I cherish all the moments that I had a chance to spend with him. I can remember every single moment that I had with him and getting to know him as a person outside the music. Music was a big part of him as a person, but I learned a lot from working with Michael.”

While trying not to dwell on Michael’s death Jerkins wants to continue to celebrate the musical legacy he has left behind. “We have to celebrate the music that he left us. He left us with the best music ever. It’s not every day that someone comes along and is able to make music that can impact the world and impact generations.”

Jerkins also added that he knows that Michael’s previously unreleased music will be released in the future, but thinks that it should not be rushed. “There are so many records that Michael broke, but there were so many more goals that he had. I would always say, ‘Wow, how is it that this man stays so hungry with all that he’s accomplished?’ I knew some of those goals and now I think he’s going to shatter some of their goals. It’s sad that he won’t be here to celebrate it.

I don’t think there’s any reason to rush. Michael’s legacy is forever. In due time, some of that music will be heard. It’s exciting to know that there is new music to look forward to.”

Source: EURweb & MJWN

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