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Robot Symphony has based their new iPhones game, ‘Meow Walker’, on Michael’s dance moves and a cat!  Gamers.com have reviewed the game saying; “instead of a tasteless cash-in, the trailer for the dance game reveals what could turn out to be our, well, third favorite Michael Jackson based game, right after the Genesis Moonwalker and the arcade Moonwalker.

The game-play is simple: tilt and swipe the phone to make a lanky, ‘Thriller’ jacketed feline perform MJ’s signature dance moves to the tune of the Michael Jackson songs already on your phone. The addition of quirky animation and (especially) sound effects, which re-imagine Michael’s weird vocal tics as cat noises, result in something that we can’t get enough of. Which means, according to the MJ canon, we haven’t stopped watching the trailer.”

Source: Gamers.com & MJWN


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