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Michael’s father Joseph and his sister La Toya are accusing Sony Pictures of fooling fans by using Michael impersonators in the ‘This Is It’ movie. Joseph has seen twelve minutes of the film and says “This movie features body doubles, no doubt about it. I think people will tear this movie apart.”  Joseph is also asking fans to have dinner with him and see the movie with him in Las Vegas for $3,000 each.

LaToya’s business partner, Jeffre Phillips, said; “I see all these great movements in the trailers but I don’t believe most of those shots were Michael. He wasn’t well enough. I’ve seen clips where I even thought, ‘That’s not Michael’s voice.'” It’s very upsetting for LaToya.”

In the report which was from News of the World they also quote Essex MJ performer Navi as saying that he turned down an invitation to appear in the film with a quote from him which read; “They asked me to do long shots, visuals, placements.”

Source: News Of The World & MJWN

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