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Lambert Talks About ‘This Is It’

In an interview with MTV, Adam Lambert, who won The American Idol contest, said he is looking forward to seeing the ‘This Is It’ film when it opens this week on October 28th.

Adam admires Michael’s capacity to take risks in his work telling MTV; “His (Michael’s) music is so groundbreaking because he really brought a lot of rock into it.

He had initially set himself up with this R&B presence and he brought so much rock into it and I think it was really groundbreaking how he fused all those different styles together in a pop format. I’m very inspired by that musically.”

On Michael’s short films Adam says; “Visually, his videos were, like, you could not compete with Michael Jackson. He was the one. He just took a lot of chances and really went full into his thematic choices and I’m inspired by that as well.”

Adam’s new single ‘Time For Miracles’ appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming big-budget disaster flick, ‘2012’ the trailer for which will run before Michael’s film at theatres. “That will be like a double-whammy for me that night, seeing what was left of his legacy and myself to do a little pre-show action. It’ll be really cool.

Source : MTV & MJWN

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