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Orianthi Speaks To MTV

Michael’s last days and hours were mainly spent with his dancers and musicians rehearsing for his fifty O2 concerts in London. In a recent interview with MTV Michael’s guitarist Orianthi spoke about the experiences she had watching Michael, the perfectionist, fine tuning the concert to suit his exacting standards.

“He wanted to make sure that the show was perfect for his fans,” she said. “He didn’t want them to be disappointed. So he put everything into it, fine tuning everything. We would put on the show for him so he could sit and watch it and then analyze it and then change things around, make them better. The last couple nights we rehearsed with him, he was just in great spirits and really happy with the way everything was coming together. You could just tell he was so excited. This was his vision and he put so much into it.

With the movie they (the fans) are going to be able to see how much work went into it and how driven he was with it and his vision. It was his last body of work and it was going to be the ultimate show.”

Source: MTV & MJWN

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