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Ortega & Dancers Recall

The LA Times has published another article written by Chris Lee about the rehearsals for ‘This Is It’. Kenny Ortega speaks of Michael’s reasons for performing in concert again, and many of his backing dancers speak with awe of Michael’s dedication to being ‘the best’.

The documentary film will let everyone see what could have been if Michael had lived to perform. A ninety foot 3D LCD screen, aerial dancing, gigantic sets, along with his devotion to his work, aiming always at perfection, these were just some of the aspects which influenced  this  lavish production, as was the regard that the dancers had for Michael’s perfectionism. They admired Michael’s direction when he was rehearsing, his ability to keep in touch with everything that was happening on stage and off, and his leadership seemed to inspire them all to work harder and do their best for him.

“He had this amazing fragrance,” said Mekia Cox, one of eleven backup dancers who worked with him, and another dancer, Daniel Celebre, referred to Michael’s singular musk as “the love potion,” recalling its ability to trigger an almost Pavlovian response in those downwind. “No matter what you’re doing, as soon as you smell that smell, boom! You have to get more focused,” Celebre recalled. “Because he needs to know we’re having that love. And throwing the love around.”

This is another great article for fans to read, click here if you want to read more.

Source: LATimes & MJWN

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