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Michael’s New Single Released

After much publicity and hype, the single for the ‘This Is It’ movie, also called ‘This Is It’, was released online at midnight on October 11th.

It is a mid-tempo ballad which Michael co-wrote with Paul Anka about finding true love. It paves the way for the movie of the same name, and also a double album of songs from the movie, plus a poem written and read by Michael.
The movie and album will be released on the same day, October 27th/ 28th.

The Jackson brothers also sing background vocals on the song, but it is not known if they are original or have been added later. It will play over the final scene of the film.

The song was expected to be the first of a long line of Michael’s material that his label Sony and his family will make available as they sift through his unreleased work.

Source: earthtimes.com & MJWN

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