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New $5 Million Lawsuit

After the auction of Michael’s memorabilia by Julien’s Auctions was cancelled by Michael himself, the highest bidder on probably all the items, Richard Lapointe, is suing Michael’s estate for $5million because the cancellation caused him ‘emotional distress’. He is also suing Julien’s Auctions, alleging that they called off the auction after accepting bids.

Mr. Lapointe claims that he was the only, and therefore the highest, bidder on 82 items and also may have been the highest bidder on 88 additional items. The amount he is suing for is, he claims, the actual value of the items he was bidding on.

Julien’s Auctions have commented that Lapointe agreed to the terms on the bidder form which clearly stated that the auction could be cancelled any time. Darren Julien (CEO) also said
“He called us the day the auction was cancelled and told us he has been emotionally damaged, and he asked what we would do to compensate for it. If he is that emotionally damaged, he can bet on the items when they come back up for auction on November 21st.”

Source: outlookindia.com & MJWN

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