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Estate Sues Bogus HTWF

The Special Administrators of Michael’s estate, John McClain and John Branca, have filed lawsuits against two companies, The Heal The World Foundation and United Fleet, for unlawfully seeking Michael related trademarks. They claim that the trademarks sought and already obtained by these corporations “uniquely and unmistakably point to Mr. Jackson and his persona” and are intended “to cause confusion, mistake and to deceive.”

In a press release issued by the executors, it states that they are:

“…exploiting his death by unlawfully seeking trademarks using the name ‘Michael Jackson’ as well as such phrases as ‘King of Pop’, ‘Heal the World’, ‘MJ’, ‘Neverland’, and ‘Thriller’ to deceive the public into assuming they operate Jackson charities and thereby obtain contributions from Michael’s fans who believe they are making charitable donations to a legitimate Michael Jackson organization.”

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Source: Yahoo & MJWN

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