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The Bo’ Selecta comedy show in the UK often parodies Michael, his look and his work, but the creators of the show have compiled a new show called ‘Cha’mone – Mo’ Fo’ Selecta. Leigh Francis, star of the show, says it is intended as his way of saying his goodbye to Michael, stating; “It’s a look at his career basically, and I think a lot of people will think that I’ve done something really sick and twisted, but I’m a fan of Michael Jackson, a genuine fan, and I think when people watch it they will know that I am – I’ve got some moves! I’ve always done a Michael Jackson (sketch) since Bo’ Selecta, so it’s kind of a goodbye to Bo’ Selecta’s Michael Jackson. It’s an affectionate tribute as you’ll see.”

The show airs on Thursday September 24th on E4.

Source: PA & MJWN

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