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Michael’s O2 Shoes

Beirut born singer Mika, has inherited Michael’s designer shoes that he was going to wear on stage at the O2 Arena. Mika’s friend, Christian Louboutin had been asked to design the shoes by Michael and now as ended up inheriting them all.

Mika said; “Christian Louboutin designed all of Michael Jackson’s shoes that he was supposed to be wearing for the O2 concerts, so when he died, Christian asked if I wanted them for my tour. They are amazing. One is a black soft leather lace-up which goes up to the ankle to support Michael while he was dancing. Then there is the pair which must have been made for him to moonwalk in. They are gold with a metal toe and the soles are really smooth and slippy to make it easy to moonwalk in.”

Source: Mirror & MJWN

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