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Janet’s Tribute To Michael

Janet Jackson paid tribute to Michael at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Now in an interview with MTV, she says that she was struggling with her emotions but also that it was; “the most fun I have ever had working on a project for TV.” She told MTV viewers that she fought to hold back tears while a team of dancers took the stage dressed in Michael’s iconic outfits, from single sequined gloves to red leather jackets to glittering, military-style uniforms.

The interview which was included in, ‘The Making of Janet Jackson’s Video Music Awards Tribute Performance’ was a behind the scenes look at what it took to put on the show, and Janet’s highly emotional state as she tried to hold herself together during the rehearsals.

As she waited to go onstage for her portion of the tribute Janet was overcome by the vision of so many dancers resembling her brother. “…just like you’re seeing all these carbon copies of your brother and because he left such an impression with his style on so many different generations, and, still, this generation, and to see them try to mimic him to the T and doing an incredible job at it as if he was the one that taught them. ‘No, this is how you do it’, and to see them look so close to his movement, it just touched me,” Janet added. “It really touched me.”

Source: MTV & MJWN

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