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The UK tabloid The News Of The World has reported that, according to a source, Michael had left a series of hand written notes in his bathroom which were found after his death. Various interpretations have been put on some of the notes, which could just have been ‘memory joggers’ to a man with a busy schedule.

The source said; “These notes show that Michael was positive until the last, but also what a mess his mind must have been as he fought to keep it all together towards the end.” One of the notes read; “I am so grateful that I am a magnet for miracles.” The phrase ‘magnet for miracles’ is one often used by self help programmes in the US. Another note pinned to his mirror read; “Love, no violence ever! Remember a beautiful future promise of tomorrow.”
Friends of Michael say these words show he was positive, happy and upbeat in his final days.

One explained: “I think this reveals how positive Michael was until the last. He was such a sweet natured man who saw the good in everyone. The note about a beautiful future is especially sad as it shows he was looking forward to a successful, happy life.”
Michael also used the notes to remind himself to perform his 1985 charity single ‘We Are the World’ during his record-breaking fifty date residency at London’s O2 Arena.

Meanwhile, a hand-written reminder to “Call Temperton” believed to be British song-writer and producer Rob Temperton, who Michael recorded ‘Thriller’ and ‘Rock With You’ with, was propped up in the room with his agent Dr Tohme Tohme’s business card and a note to call him too.

Source: News Of the World & MJWN

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