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Artist Rusel Parish

Rusel Parish has opened an exhibition dedicated to Michael in a Williamsburg Gallery. He compares Michael’s star status with a religious iconography. The exhibition doesn’t so much elevate Michael to the heavens, but makes the artistic link between Michael’s sequined glove and classic religious relics.

“I do not want to portray him as godlike,” Parish said. “It’s a discussion about how as a society we put figures on a pedestal. It’s probably a study of my own addiction.”

Parish’s exhibit explores that nearly universal devotion to the mercurial artist, and the ardor directed his way. There are a few elements to him that people can latch onto easily,” Parish adds. “You just know him by his silhouette.”
Spread out over two rooms, the ‘Chapel’ at Figureworks is intended to afford devotees and the just plain curious with a place to come and contemplate Michael through faux-orthodox iconography and a “full line of dolls representing the reinvention of his life.”

You can also pick up some collectible soap, candles and T-shirts.

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The exhibition is taking place at:

The Cult of Michael Jackson at Figureworks
168 N. Sixth St. (between Bedford and Driggs avenues)
Tel: (718) 486 7021)

It opens on September 11th Friday–Sunday, 1.00 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Source: Brooklynpaper & MJWN

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