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Correct Use Of Propofol

Dr. Friedberg is a board certified anesthesiologist, developer of Propofol Ketamine (PK or ‘Goldilocks’) anesthesia for cosmetic surgery, founder and president of Goldilocks Anesthesia Foundation, author of Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery, a US Congressional Award recipient, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, and has been in the private practice of anesthesia for thirty-six years.

He has strong opinions on the use of Propofol and considers that many safeguards are required to use the drug correctly and safely. He explains that typically, brain monitoring during the use of the drug should be common and when used in an unorthodox circumstance, the safest of care is required and that Propofol to induce normal sleep is not the medically approved use of the drug. Lastly, he explains that unorthodox use of the drug absolutely demands the use of a brain monitor and a pulse Oximeter otherwise, it’s reckless disregard and his comments indicate that Michael’s life could have been saved if these procedures had been followed.

To read Dr Friedberg’s article, please click here.

Source: PRWeb & MJWN

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