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Bernadette, a Michael fan from the UK, has written to us and asked us to promote her campaign to ensure justice will be carried out with regards to Michael’s death.

“I want to see justice carried out with regards to Michael’s death and I want President Obama to get involved this.

The media are stating there may be more than one doctor involved in Michael death. I think this may overshadow the real cause and the true facts of what really happened will not be exposed, causing guilty parties to pass blame from one person to another.

I feel that if Dr Conrad Murray was the doctor that administered the drug to Michael, then he is solely responsible for his death. Other doctors should be charged too and stripped of their titles and made to pay compensation towards Michael’s children.

I have already sent my letter to President Obama and I hope to get a reply. I just am scared that nobody will be charged for the death of our King. We, as the fans, have a right to an answer, along with the family; brothers, sisters, parents, and of course Michael’s children and I pray to God that someone will be held accountable for this and that the truth will finally be exposed.

If you would like to write to the President and join me in your campaign, then send your letters to:

President Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

NW, Washington DC 20500


Make sure you send letters by signed post and airmail only.

Thank you for your support.


Source: MJWN

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