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Bangalore Carnival

To celebrate Michael’s music on his birthday, the City of Bangalore in India has organised a musical carnival, called ‘Heaven Can Wait’, after Michael’s most song. Music magazine, The Score, came up with the idea and bands like. Lounge Piranha, Rusty Moe, Slain, Public Issue and E-flat will all pay tribute to Michael.

The Score will launch at the carnival and will feature a Michael cover story. The bands will perform some of Michael’s music, including ‘Heal The World’ in addition to their own work.

Tickets are priced at R300 to R500, with some special discounts. Mother Tekla Auditorium, Casa Brigitta on Brunton Road will be the venue.

To further honour Michael’s charitable works a portion of the proceeds of the concert will be directed towards funding the Aastha Children’s hospital which is part of the Rourkela Childcare Private Ltd.

The organisers are expecting a crowd of about a thousand as Michael is much loved in Bangalore.

Source: sify.com & MJWN

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