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Six Underrated Videos

In tributes to Michael all over the world on his birthday television stations will play his “best” videos, like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’. Many others will not be highlighted, so Neon Limelight had an idea! “What about great, underrated videos like ‘Blood on the Dance Floor’, ‘In The Closet’, and ‘They Don’t Care About Us’?

We decided to put a playlist together of some of our favorite underrated Michael Jackson music videos. They’re not all about being super entertaining. Some are about being made to think, being made to feel, being made to realize MJ had a sexy side.”

The list includes ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’, 2 versions of ‘They Don’t Care About Us’, ‘In The Closet’,  Stranger In Moscow’, ‘Childhood’ and ‘Earth Song’. Watch them and decide for yourself if Michael did indeed have a sexy side!”

Source: Neon Highlight & MJWN

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