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Artist Speaks Of His Work For Michael

Artist David Nordahl, whose home is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, concentrated on his work on Sioux Indians. One day, Michael called him to ask him to teach him to draw and paint and they became close friends. David painted many portraits of Michael, a lot of which hung at Neverland, Michael’s home. Many of the paintings depict Michael in fanciful poses and are beautifully executed.

David has been asked many times by the media for negative comments on Michael and has refused. David says in an interview with USA Today; “I don’t know anything bad about Michael. I always thought of him as normal. He’s the most thoughtful, respectful person I’ve ever met. In 20 years, I never heard him raise his voice.”

He believes they bonded so well because of their similar childhoods. “We had no playtime growing up. We’re both fanatical about work,” and adds “There was a bond. We got to be such good friends that I forgot who I was hanging out with. Then he’d break into these dance moves, quick as lightning, and it would dawn on me: He’s the best entertainer in the world.”

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Source: USAToday & MJWN

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