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The Official Michael Jackson Opus

USA Today has revealed that the first book sanctioned by Michael’s estate will be published on December 7th, 2009, and will be called ‘The Official Michael Jackson Opus’.

Kraken Opus are the publishers, and they usually focus on major figures in the Arts, producing outstanding products. The book will contain four hundred pages, with many photographs, essays, illustrations and poetry, at least half of it exclusive.

The book will be very opulent, oversized, hand-bound in leather and enclosed in a silk clamshell case.

The price in the USA will be $165.00 and in the UK is £109.00, and can be pre-ordered through Ticketmaster.

Michael himself was very excited about the book, and wanted it to be accessible to as many people as possible, so he requested that the price should be kept as low as possible.

Because of his sudden death on June 25th, the book had to be re-designed as it was previously to include sections on the O2 concerts. Celebrities and insiders who knew and worked with Michael are expected to contribute and everyone who was involved with the 02 concerts wants to take part.

“We’re asking people to write a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter,” says Kraken’s Jeff Wald. “We expect a huge turnout.”

All books include Michael Jackson Opus Reality Membership, which provides access to interactive footage with periodic updates.

Additionally, five copies signed by a variety of famous fans will be auctioned to benefit five charities favored by Michael.

Source: USA Today, MJFC & MJWN

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