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Fans Flock To See Egyptian Statue

Thousands of people who are mourning Michael are flocking to the Field Museum in Chicago to see a 3000 year old Egyptian statue that bears a remarkable likeness to Michael. The fans ask about the statue even before they buy their entry tickets to the Museum.

The bust was bought in Cairo in 1889 and has been on display at the museum for twenty-one years. It was carved from limestone during the New Kingdom Period, which ran between 1550 BC to 1050 BC. This was around the same time as famous Egyptians Ramesses and King Tutankhamen.

James Phillips, the curator of the North African exhibits does not think that Michael ever visited the museum but agrees the likeness is astonishing.

Its popularity has soared since fans wrote about the bust on internet blogs, and it is now being seen by 4,500 visitors a day. It is protected behind a glass screen and simply called ‘Limestone Statue of a Woman’. It measures 25cm high by 35cm wide.

Source: Telegraph & MJWN

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