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Moon Crater Named After Michael

The man who was famous for his moonwalk now has a moon crater named in his honor. The Lunar Republic announced that the Posidonius J crater in the Moon’s Lake of Dreams (Lacus Somniorum) has been renamed Michael Joseph Jackson.

For an image, please see below. The crater Michael Jackson may generally be viewed from Earth using a typical home telescope under standard observational conditions.

The 13.5-mile-wide crater is adjacent to a 1,200-acre parcel owned by the King of Pop. Michael was actually among the largest private owners of moon property, according to the lunar registry.

And this was actually a good investment. Michael bought the Lake of Dreams property for $27.40 per acre in 2005. Real estate in that area — which is zoned for proposed tourism, scientific industrial, operations base and light industrial — is now selling for 25 percent more now than it was four years ago. He also owned a smaller property in the Sea Of Vapours (Mare Vaporum).

Source: MJFC & Paul, a.k.a. MJ Cool

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