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‘Moonwalker’ Car For Sale

During ‘Moonwalker’, Michael’s great film from 1988, he transformed into a super-car. The car was a Stratos ZERO. That car has now appeared on eBay, for sale at $100,000.

In the movie scene, Michael becomes trapped in an alley and escapes by morphing into the Stratos ZERO and zooming off amidst smoke and fire to finally return and change back into himself. It is reported that Michael himself requested that the Stratos ZERO concept car be used in the movie. While the original was not used, this re-creation was made for the movie. This movie car was recently restored in England, made fully drivable, and re-painted orange to replicate the original concept car, as it appeared in the 1970 Turin auto show.

At a mere 35″ tall, access is gained via opening the windshield – the triangular engine bay cover has never been seen in any car since. It’s fully functional (including lights, turn signals etc…), albeit with limited rear visibility. The car comes with movie memorabilia, movie poster, magazine articles and more.

Anyone interested? For more information, or to bid on the car, click here.

Source: Ebay & MJWN with special thanks to W. Papke for bringing this to our attention.

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