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Although I have yet to hear from the subjects of my letter, the Arvizo family, I have received an overwhelming show of support from Michael Jackson fans around the world. I have received encouragement from others like myself, who believe in standing up for the truth, and honoring Michaelʼs legacy free of these disgusting lies. For me this was such a heartfelt letter, and one of the easiest letters Iʼve ever written. The support I’ve received only confirms to me that I am doing the right thing in demanding publicly that Gavin Arvizo finally come forward and clear an innocent man’s name.

I will not stop until this is done.

It is my hope that once Gavin comes forward, he will then set an example for others to come forward publicly and state the truth about Michael! We are all faced with choices in life. We must then be able to live with the choices weʼve made. I do not know how on earth the Arvizo family can live with themselves knowing the choices they made ultimately led to the demise of such a caring, compassionate soul. The Arvizoʼs will never find peace in this lifetime, unless they do the right thing. I ask every Michael Jackson fan to please share this letter with everyone they know. It is crucial that this letter is received by the Arvizo family. Gavin speaking up and exonerating Michaelʼs name from his false accusations is a critical part of the healing process that is needed for everyone who loved Michael, and are now mourning his death. Some may say that itʼs too late. I say better now than never. Michaelʼs legacy will forever reign and touch lives around the world. The Gavin I know is a remarkably brave young man. I know he is capable of speaking the truth even amid the controversy. Letʼs all make sure that the truth is told for Michael, his family, and his millions of fans.


Azja Pryor

Source: MJFC & MJWN

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