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‘Thriller’ Dance Popularity Increases

Dance students are now adding to the tributes to Michael. Hundreds are signing up to learn the ‘Thriller’ dance so that they can take part in the Thrill The World event this fall. This is a simultaneous performance of the dance by groups from all around the world.

VOA visited Joe’s Movement Emporium near Washington DC, where dozens of fans attended a ‘Thriller’ class to practice for the event. The dancers had asked the artistic director Brooke Kidd to teach the dance. “There are a couple steps where you need to understand some timing and weight shift,” Kidd said. “But overall the movements are available to anybody.”

One dancer, Rumi, and her daughter Harper have joined the group. Rumi said; “I grew up in the 80’s and just wanted to learn the dance, and we thought it would be fun together.”

Even dancers like 16 year-old Maya, born a decade after ‘Thriller’ was released wanted to honor Michael. “I decided to come to pay a tribute to Michael Jackson’s death, I feel like everybody should somewhere, so I just wanted to pay my respects as a dancer,” she said.

All the participants have plenty of time to practice before the event takes place in October, when they will join thousands of others in a dozen countries to break the record for the largest number of people performing ‘Thriller’ at the same time.

Source: chosun.com & MJWN

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