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Tom Mesereau Speaks

Thomas Mesereau, Michael’s lawyer who conducted the defence at his trial in 2005, has spoken to the media about his high regard for Michael, his death and his mother, Katherine.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, Mr Mesereau said that he never saw any evidence of Michael being under the influence of any kind of drugs and he was with him for twelve hours every day, five days a week. He was always, lucid, intelligent and articulate. “You know he was a very creative, gentle spirit. He was kind; he was considerate. He really thought he could change the world with music, with art, with kindness, with generosity. He was not built to go through a criminal trial like that.”

When he’d heard of Michael’s death he said; “I’m devastated by it. We’ve lost a very kind, gentle, wonderful person.”

Of Michael’s mother Katherine Mr Mesereau said; “She’s a wonderful, spiritual, giving, kind person. She was Michael’s rock during that trial. I was, you know not only would see her in court every day but during breaks, very often I would be in a room with just Michael and her. And it was very clear how much he loved her, how much she loved him. He trusted her completely. And seeing her with those children just brings a smile to me. I mean, I think it’s wonderful that she’s going to be taking care of these beautiful children.”

Source: CNN & MJWN

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