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Neverland Tribute In China?

The China Daily Newspaper, which is state-run, has announced that developers and investors in China will build a smaller version of Neverland on the island of Chongming and they hope that it will open in time for next year’s Expo in Shanghai. It is thought to be costing $15million to build.

Michael is one of the few western stars to be popular in China.

“By building a Neverland here in China, we want to pay tribute to {Michael} and at the same time offer the Chinese people an outlet for expressing their love toward him,” the report quoted Qiu Xuefan, one of the investors, as saying.

The deputy head of the Chinese Fan Club for Michael hopes that it will be free to all, as a tribute to Michael.

Source: Reuters & MJWN with special thanks to Paul a.k.a. MJ Cool

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