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Merchandise For ‘This Is It’

The LA Times newspaper is reporting that merchandise for Michael’s ‘This Is It’ concerts could be in stores in America as early as this week.

Tom Bennett, CEO of Bravado, the global merchandising company involved, has spoke of Michael’s involvement in the design of many of the items and that he was very specific about what he wanted.

Mr Bennett first met Frank Dileo and Randy Phillips to discuss the merchandise and one day later Michael joined in with the discussions. “He explained to me what he thought and how he wanted things to be done,” Mr Bennett said of his conversation with Michael. “He was very specific. He had a very deep grasp of merchandising and worldwide marketing.”

Bennett said Michael insisted on going beyond the traditional concert T-shirt by developing a fashionable line that even acknowledged the concert venue with a tea set. Other items which will be available in the list include a baseball jacket, a sleep mask a rhinestone dog tag and mugs, to name but a few.

Bennett said he had a subsequent two-hour meeting with Dileo, Phillips and Michael on June 4th where he presented designs and prototypes of the tour merchandise. “He got so excited, so enthusiastic, he did a little dance move at the end,” Bennett said.

Bravado finalized terms with AEG after June 25th.

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Source: LA Times & MJWN

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