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A Plea From Angela

The British television station Channel 4 is to broadcast Jacques Peretti’s documentary ‘Michael Jackson: What really happened’ on Sunday 12th July at 9.00 p.m. This is the latest in a tradition of documentaries about Michael which use nothing but gossip, rumour and lies upon which to base their purported “facts”. If you feel as strongly as I, that this show should not be aired, then I encourage you to email Channel 4 and complain. I have included below a duplicate of the email I sent so that you can copy and paste it into the Channel 4 complaints area. I have also included a link to complaint page at the bottom. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

“I am writing to request that the above programme, Michael Jackson What Really Happened is not screened. It is very clear from the advertising that the programme is going to be insulting to Michael Jackson and based on tabloid myths and lies. For instance, the accusation in the advert that Michael was addicted to drugs which is just hearsay and has most certainly not been proved. In fact the death certificate for Michael Jackson was issued yesterday with the cause of death listed as pending so I am extremely interested to know how this programme can possible claim to know what happened to cause Michael’s death when the officials investigating the case, and therefore privy to all information, have not yet come to any conclusions. Jacques Peretti, the ‘journalist’ who has made this clearly slanderous programme, made a similar programme accusing Michael Jackson of being a paedophile just a few years whilst barely mentioning that Michael had been found innocent of all charges. Peretti clearly does not respect truth, fact or evidence which do not fit with the tabloid programmes he likes to make and I implore channel 4 not to give this man a voice again. Michael Jackson was a genius but more than that he was a father and out of respect for Michael and his children this programme should not be screened. It is totally inappropriate for channel 4 to air any programme based on conjecture and tabloid myths, particularly since Michael Jackson cannot possibly defend himself.


Angela Haddock

Click here to be directed to Channel 4’s web site.

Source: Angela Haddock & MJWN

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